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Doctors for Drug Policy Reform

Coalition Partners

Our Coalition Partners

D4DPR develops partnerships with other organizations committed to cannabis legalization and regulation. These partnerships demonstrate our shared vision, collaboration, and mutual support with other non-profit organizations. By working in collaboration with our Partners, we can multiply the effects of our individual efforts.

Testimonials From Our Partners

Parabola Center for Law and Policy

Shaleen Title | Founder and Director

“Doctors for Cannabis Regulation is a unique group of exceptionally thoughtful and dedicated doctors. It is heartening to know that we have these committed medical professionals working for the evidence-based regulation of cannabis."

Drug Policy Alliance

Maritza Perez | Director, Office of National Affairs 

"DFCR has been critical in providing a public health perspective in national policy conversations concerning marijuana reform. We are grateful for their partnership as we work toward equitable marijuana policy."  

Texans for Responsible Marijuana Policy

Heather Fazio | Director, Texans for Responsible Marijuana Policy

"By providing expert testimony and bringing physicians to the table, Doctors for Cannabis Regulation has been instrumental in our efforts to advance meaningful marijuana law reform in Texas."

National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws - NORML

Justin Strekal | Political Director

"The professional medical perspective and expertise that Doctors for Cannabis Regulation bring to the marijuana reform debate is invaluable, from their testimony in the House Judiciary Committee which helped make the case to pass the historic MORE Act to the day to day advocacy for a rational policy approach to comprehensive state and federal reform."

Marijuana Policy Project/MPP Foundation

Karen O’Keefe | Director of State Policies

“In every state where MPP has led coalitions to legalize cannabis, DFCR has been by our side as an authoritative, clarion voice for why regulation is better to protect public health. Their network of physician spokespeople have served as witnesses at hearings, panelists at town halls, participants in legislative meetings, and contributors to the pages of widely read newspapers.”

Kansas Cannabis Coalition

Cheryl Kumberg, RN, CMT | Board of Directors

"The Kansas Cannabis Coalition is extremely thankful to DFCR physicians for sending written testimony supporting the benefits of medical cannabis to the Kansas Legislature over the last several years. Their expertise and knowledge has been inestimable in moving cannabis reform forward in Kansas."  

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