Platform of Regulations

Our Platform includes four overlapping categories. Maximizing Health and Wellness emphasizes the importance of an open-minded approach to treatment as well as the psychiatric and somatic benefits offered by presently prohibited medications. Harm Reduction provides clear and concise policy statements that will guide our approach to drug use and misuse. Cannabis continues our ongoing work on cannabis regulation and legalization. Psychedelics acknowledges the explosion of clinical research in psychedelic medicine. 

Health Maximization and Wellness

  • Access to health promoting interventions and treatment, both non-abstinence and abstinence based, to individuals with problematic drug use
  • Recognition of the potential health benefits of promising Schedule I drugs, including cannabis and psychedelics
  • Federal protection of licensed medical professionals providing evidence-based treatment with Schedule I drugs consistent with state laws, including the discussion of their benefits and risks

Harm Reduction

  • Empirically-supported harm reduction efforts (“meeting people where they are”) to promote public safety, protecting individuals using drugs and society
  • Protection of the public through overdose prevention centers, syringe services, naloxone distribution, drug-checking, treatment (including opioid agonist therapies), Good Samaritan laws, and other evidenced-based interventions
  • Reduction/removal of penalties for drug possession and use


  • Government regulation of cannabis production, testing, labeling, distribution, and sales
  • Prevention of non-medical underage cannabis use
  • Cannabis competency for all medical providers
  • Protected rights for limited home cultivation of cannabis
  • Reduce public health risks associated with overcommercialization


  • Access to psychedelic medicine for all individuals who can benefit, regardless of socioeconomic status
  • Protection of licensed medical professionals utilizing their scope of practice when conducting psychedelic-assisted therapy and care
  • Healthcare coverage parity for psychedelic medicine