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Supporting Hawaii’s Adult Use Cannabis Program (SB375)

Supporting Hawaii’s Adult Use Cannabis Program (SB375)

Bryon Adinoff, MD

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Expert Testimony
February 17, 2023
Adult Use (cannabis)

D4DPR (formerly DFCR) President Dr. Bryon Adinoff submitted the following testimony in support (with amendments) of this bill. The legislature's website describes this bill which "establishes the Hawaii Cannabis Authority within the Department of Health to adopt rules to regulate responsible, adult-use of cannabis in the State. Establishes that possession of cannabis by an adult in the amount of four ounces or less without a prescription shall be lawful and requires all convictions for such acts be expunged. Transfers the powers and duties of the Department of Health under state law governing medical cannabis dispensary system, including powers and duties over medical marijuana dispensary operations, licensing, testing, and administration, to the Hawaii cannabis authority. Appropriates funds."

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