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First in D4DPR Webinar Series: Standardized Cannabis Labeling

First in D4DPR Webinar Series: Standardized Cannabis Labeling

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February 28, 2022
Regulatory (cannabis)

Doctors for Drug Policy Reform (D4DPR) held its March 2022 quarterly webinar titled: “Standardized Cannabis Labeling: Symbols, Warnings, and Product Information”

David L. Nathan, MD, founder and past president of D4DPR  presented his universal cannabis label and discussed the need for effective labeling standards. This is the first in a series of quarterly webinars presented by the medical experts at Doctors for Cannabis Regulation.

Working with D4DPR and other stakeholders, David L. Nathan, MD, proposed the Universal Cannabis Product Symbol (UCPS) in 2019. After its publication in 2020, a broad discussion with various stakeholders led to a series of changes to the UCPS. Working with the standards organization ASTM, David Nathan and collaborator Eli Nathan co-designed a modified version of the UCPS, which was renamed the International Intoxicating Cannabis Product Symbol (IICPS).

The IICPS has been adopted by the state of Montana and went into effect on January 1, 2022. New Jersey and Vermont have also incorporated the IICPS design into their state symbols, making the IICPS the most widely adopted cannabis product symbol in the United States. Alaska and other states are currently discussing adoption of the IICPS.

ASTM International has approved and published specifications of the IICPS, making it the one and only cannabis product symbol to bear the designation of an internationally recognized consensus standard.

Quarterly webinars are free to attend for full DFCR members. Non-members are welcome to join the conversation for a $20 donation.


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